Facebook can be an indispensable tool when it comes to increasing awareness and getting people interested in attending your event. You can use Facebook to promote: A One Time Event Recurring Events Tours SETUP: To start, you’ll need an eye catching graphic (1200 X 628 pixels) or a video between 30 seconds and 5 minutes […]

Top Takeaways Global internet users flat except in India India internet use accelerating Smartphone shipment slowing Android gaining share over iOS Growth around the world is slowing Google and Facebook account for 3/4 of rising advertising growth! Snapchat more authentic platform for advertising Each new marketing channel growing at a faster rate than before Hyper-targeted […]

Image Source: Minority Report Could Facebook be used to identify potential terrorists? This was the thought experiment rattling in my head after hearing about bombing in Brussels. Let me explain. Facebook has the capability to target what they call ‘Lookalike Audiences’ based on a variety of sources such as people who like your Facebook Page, […]