How I helped a small business owner significantly boost her revenues using FB ads.

In July 2016 Pam Bartlett, owner of the Pinot’s Palette studio in Naperville had approached me for help with her digital marketing because she had suddenly noticed a significant drop in revenue compared to previous months and also for the same months during the previous year (2015).

After our initial consult, I recommended that it would be best to proceed with pursuing a Facebook Advertising strategy taking into account the amount of restrictions on customizing her microsite.  I found that Pam was already doing an awesome job of:

  1. Growing her email list and keeping her subscribers updated about the latest events
  2. Attending networking events to promote her studio
  3. Posting engaging content on her Facebook page & instagram

Subsequently, she was already the top performing franchise location. However, she didn’t think it was making any difference and she really wanted to break her previous year’s record.

What We Did

I put analytics in place so we could track our marketing efforts and weed out things that didn’t work and optimize tactics that worked.

We focused on 2 strategies:

  1. To put butts in seats for the regular painting sessions
  2. To increase number of calls for private parties.

I assisted Pam in doing this by implementing the following:

  • Running Facebook Ad experiments to determine what worked and didn’t work.
  • Optimizing her Facebook Page and adjusting the layout for the actions we wanted visitors to take when they visited the page.
  • Changing the Facebook Cover page to emphasize the different kinds of events Pinot’s Palette can host.
  • Scheduling a time to enter upcoming events in the Facebook Events section
  • Creating a social media calendar to consistently post highly engaging and relevant  posts.
  • Developing a strategy to increase number of Facebook subscribers to the facebook events page.
  • Crafting some of the most engaging posts that she had ever had.

Below are some examples of the most engaging posts that we came up with.  

The Results - SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

When we first started, Pam wanted to limit her ad spend to $20/day but I counseled her to look at marketing as an investment rather than an expense. I told her as long as the ads are generating a good return, we shouldn’t hesitate to spend more. Most small business owners I talk to are scared to invest in digital marketing because they look at it as an expense and don’t know whether it will work.

I asked her “If you gave me $1 and I gave you $2 back how many times would you play this game? She said “ I’d never stop!”  I told her “That’s what digital marketing is like!” Let’s look at some actual numbers.

Below are actual revenues generated from ads we ran.

This image below illustrates the earnings for ads run for paintings for just the week of Oct 10th. We spent $207 on ads and got back $1632 in revenue. That’s a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 788%!!   It’s similar to Pam giving me $1 and me giving her almost $8 back!  Generally most business owners don’t even know if their ads are bringing customers! It is imperative to me that you see that your ad dollars are working for you.

The screenshot belows show earnings for ads filling up regular sessions for the last couple of months. Ad spend of $1622 generated revenue of $12167 of trackable revenue. These results only show numbers that can be tracked i.e. seats that were purchased online. ROAS of around 800%!!!

Below are numbers for October 2016

These numbers include ad spend not just for regular sessions but for ads for private events as well. Ad spend of $1676 generated revenue of $10663 of trackable revenue.  Keep in mind that since we can’t track calls that are generated from ads the numbers below are conservative.  ROAS of 636%!!

Even though we can’t fully track the returns for private events ads (bachelorette parties, corporate events, fund raising, family get togethers, team building),we’re comfortable running these ads because one phone call can lead to at least $800+ ( $38 X 20 guests + bar revenue) in business.

For example one of Pam’s corporate clients runs monthly training sessions for employees from around the world at their Naperville location. After the day is done, they bring their employees to Pam’s studio for a fun evening. This happens every month. Imagine finding more clients like this!

In Conclusion

We’ve seen what Pinot’s Palette Naperville was able to achieve with Facebook advertising.  I am confident I can help your practice perform to the best of its ability. If you would like help make this happen for your clinic CLICK THE APPLY BUTTON to tell me a little me about your goals and schedule a call.


Why work with me?

You are probably already noticing that it is becoming harder and harder to reach your fans organically with Facebook. This is because Facebook algorithms are limiting your reach to 2% - 5% of your fans to incentivize you to pay to boost your posts and run facebook ads.

More small business owners like Pam are starting to see successes from their facebook ads campaigns. Your local competition could already be  running facebook ads and taking away market share. You don’t want to be near the tail end of this trend.

As a dentist you  can focus on what you do best i.e. providing exceptional dental care for your clients while I focus on managing your facebook ads. I can be your guide through the digital marketing jungle. You don’t need the hassle of keeping up-to-date about the ever changing features of Facebook in addition to your business. I strongly believe in providing my clients measurable results in a way they can clearly understand how well their marketing dollars are working to help them meet their business and life goals.

By working with me you will be working with someone who has already had success with Facebook ads. You won’t be wasting your marketing dollars with me.

So……..Are you wanting 2017 to be significantly better than 2016 for your clinic?

If you would like me to help make this happen for you click the ‘APPLY’ button to tell me a little me about your goals and schedule a call. I have set aside some time during the next couple of weeks to speak with dentists who are looking to significantly increase their revenue for 2017. I currently have capacity to take on 5 dentists. I look forward to speaking with you.

Colin Gonsalves MBA, Online Marketing Certified Professional

Digital Marketing Strategist, CG Digital Marketing